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201 W Main St. STE 100 PMB4
Durham, NC, 27701
United States

Tailspin studios is a work-for-hire video game development studio made up of industry veterans.  We create great content for mobile, VR, PC, Mac and console.


Game Design

Design is the foundation of any great game, and we take great pride in working with clients to come up with unique designs that take advantage of each platform’s particular capabilities.  We work with clients to combine their vision with our years of experience to produce truly fun and engaging experiences.



Game Art

First impressions matter, and that’s why top notch game art is critical to success. Art is the first thing a player sees and can make or break a project, but good art is more than just pretty pixels, it’s creating a world that immerses and captivates players.  We bring our own special blend of unique style and attention to detail to everything we create.


Multi-Platform Development

Today there are more devices than ever capable of running games, but choosing which to support can be a daunting task.  We look at this not as a challenge, but an opportunity.  Tailspin develops for multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Kindle, PC, and even game consoles like Wii-U.



Testing & QA

Testing and Quality Assurance is one of the most overlooked aspects of many projects.  At Tailspin, continuous QA is an integral part of any project.  We've taken our many years of AAA testing experience and put them to work, leveraging decades of lessons learned and good testing practices.


Each monetization strategy we develop is unique and tightly integrated into gameplay.  With markets constantly evolving, it's crucial to keep up with market trends and new monetization patterns.  Whether you're looking for a paid game, in-app purchase driven, advertising, or a blend, we're here to help.




Getting people to know your game exists is one of the toughest things, fortunately Tailspin has you covered.  We have years of marketing experience in games, and can help you build a unique campaign that compliments gameplay experience and get your game in front of not only as many people as possible, but the right people.


Expansion & Maintenance

Games used to be a release and forget system, but in today’s 24/7 connected world, expansion and maintenance are key.  Keeping a game up to date with fresh content and fixing bugs keeps players coming back time and time again.



virtual reality

An entirely new experience is on the horizon, Virtual Reality.  With recent technology breakthroughs, Virtual Reality has never been more comfortable, immersive, and exciting.  Stories have more emotional impact, the sense of scale is unlike anything ever seen on a flat screen.  VR has countless applications in games, visualizations, trade show demos, healthcare, and more, and we’re here to help you bring that special idea idea to (virtual) reality.